Traditional food

For citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina good food is very much important.

Concerning the fact that Jajce is situated on junction of two rivers, fish is one of the most favorite dishes. The most appreciated fresh water fish is trout.

Other than that in our town you can also taste other type of traditional Bosnian dishes. Some of them are: bosanski lonac, ćevapi, burek, hurmašice, baklava (please see descriptions below). The most popular drink in Bosnia and Herzegovina is black coffee. It is usually served with Turkish delight or sugar.




Mixture for ćevapi consists of several kinds of meat and spices. Receipts are secret and they are transferred from generation to generation . Lepina (special kind of bread) enhance taste of ćevapi with onion as a salad.


Bosanski lonac

Bosanski lonac (Bosnian pot) has a long tradition. This was one of the most often dishes of medieval workers and miners. The dish consists of several kinds of meat (most often beef, veal and lamb), and with a lot of mix of vegetable and spices. The taste is very mild and tasty.



Pita (pie) are specialty of Bosnian cuisine. There are different types of pie: cheese pie, meat pie, spinach pie, potato pie, chicken pie and apple pie.


Breaded and fish from barbecue

Concerning the fact that Jajce is situated on junction of two rivers with near by Pliva lakes, in restaurants you can always have fresh fish breaded or grilled. The most appreciated fish is trout.



Baklava is sweet traditionally served for special occasions. Baklava is prepared in large pans and with a lots of nuts. After baking, a syrup consisting of sugar and water is poured over the baked baklava and allowed to soak in. Unlike salt dishes Bosnian sweets have very strong sweet taste.



Hurmašice are traditional and very regular cake in Bosnian cuisine. They are prepared from mixture of flour and butter and they are poured with sweet water. Very often it is additionally spiced with nuts and others.


Bosnian coffee

It is Bosnian custom to drink coffee during the socializing. Bosnian coffee is traditionally served in special dishes and with Turkish delight.