Program lasts: 7-9 hours

Otomalj is a crater of extinct volcano which is located above village Jezero. It is unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina because we can see three towns from the top of mountain: Jajce, Šipovo and Mrkonjić Grad, but we can also see three lakes: the Great and Small Pliva lake and Đol lake.

Longer version is from village Jezero to the top of mountain Otomalj and after that return through Orahovica, Oštro brdo, mountain hut, watermills on the Pliva lake to Jajce.
This tour lasts 7-9 hours, depends on interests and potentiality of the group.
We can also organize a lunch in the restaurant on Pliva shore.

We suppose that you are not afraid of encountering with wild animals :)

Participants should have proper footwear. Except the drinks you get in your lunch pack, it is favourable to carry water with you.



Program duration is 4-5 hrs


Old manorial town is surrounded with beautiful nature. Road to Komotin passes through the beech forest. You will pass by small lake and 10 meters high waterfall.

On this location you can see wild animals in their habitats. Creeks Mlini and Magara are joining together in to new creek called Komotin beneath the rock on witch town is placed. This path is easy one, except for the last part where it is necessary to climb up the rock witch leade the entrance to the fortress. The reward for your effort will be panoramic view and oppotunity to see the castel interior.


Price includes: transport, guider and lunch packed.
Note: Participants should have proper footwear and it is favorable to carry water with you, especially in the summer time.