Tourist programs

Three day program for Jajce

Jajce - a city of stone, light and water, a royal city, a city - an open-air museum, was built on the banks of the rivers Pliva and Vrbas. The great historical significance and the ambient value, the important archeological remains as well as the extraordinary natural beauties make this city among the units of special importance in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. We invite you to a three-day team building in the royal city!

Day 1 - Getting to know the city and the city's heritage

  • Group arrival in the morning / midday, hotel / hostel accommodation and short break.
  • Organized tour of cultural and historical heritage and exploring the city, which ends with a joint lunch.
    Within 2 hours the group will have the opportunity to visit the following facilities: Underground Church Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić – popularly called the Catacombs; Church of Sv. Mary / Sultan Suleiman's Mosque – Place of Coronation of the Last Bosnian King, Stjepan Tomasevic; Fortress – a complex that was upgraded in several stages from the 14th to the 18th century; Omer-bey House – Bosnian medieval house that housed a musafirhana - a 17th-century guest house; Mosque of the Esme Sultana – the most important object from the Ottoman period in Jajce; Museum of the 2nd AVNOJ Session – Birthplace of the Republic of Yugoslavia in 1943; Waterfall – a natural phenomenon that represents the symbol of the Egg. The 17 meter high waterfall adorns the city center itself, which makes this place unique in the world.
  • Free time
  • Dinner
  • Depending on the interest of the team building program participants, socializing can be continued at the hotel, city park, with a night out at one of the city's restaurants and the like.

The city tour will be used to inform the group where they can find an ATM, a post office, first aid, the most popular restaurants and the like.


Day 2. Rafting in Vrbas Canyon

  • Breakfast
  • Organized transportation to the starting point for rafting. The rafting center provides all the necessary equipment for rafting, and the descent takes place in the presence of professional skippers. The descent down the canyon takes about 2 hours, and the natural environment and the river Vrbas in this part leave many breathless.
  • Lunch and swim together in Vrbas
  • Return to Jajce after which participants can enjoy leisure activities
  • In the evening, we recommend live music (up to a maximum of 4 hours) at the hotel and socializing with dinner. According to your interest, we provide you with a local band, and the repertoire of songs is fun pop rock and country music.

Day 3 - Tour of the Pliva Lakes

  • Breakfast
  • Organized transportation or a walk to the Pliva Lakes (5 km away from the city center). Participants will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy various attractions such as Bridge of Love, Medieval Watermills, popularly called Mlinčići, Amusement Park. Locations along the Pliva Lakes are popular for organizing outdoor activities for visitor groups.
  • Great Pliva Lake group ride
  • Return to the hotel
  • Final pre-departure activities


Jajce Adventure offers assistance in organizing group activities for team building program participants, such as renting space, equipment, organizing volunteers and the like.