Team building winter

Two day program for Rostovo sports center

 We invite you to a winter teambuilding program in ethno villages where you can indulge in winter recreational activities. Experience all the beauty of winter joys in Bosnia and Herzegovina!                                                                                                                                                             

Sports centre ROSTOVO
The Rostovo Sports and Recreation Center was opened in 1984 for the needs of the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo. The center was renovated to European standards in 2006, and since it is located at 1160 m above sea level in a clean and untouched nature, this area is also known as an air spa.


Day one

  • Arrival of the group in the morning / noon, accommodation at the hotel
  • Short break and leisure time
  • Lunch
  • Departure to Rostovo ski center
  • Return to hotel and dinner
  • Entertainment program - live music at the hotel


Dan two

  • Breakfast
  • Tour of Bugojno
  • Free time to shop
  • Group departure

The hotel is located 8 km from the sports center. After the arrival of the group, the program manager will inform the participants of all the necessary details: a place where participants can exchange money for local currency, exploring the city, description of the sports center, etc. Within the entertainment program, the agency provided a local band (with a maximum duration of 4 hours) and the repertoire of songs is fun pop rock and old town music.
Other options not covered by this program: snowmobile rental, ski instructor, organized retroactive games, tasting local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


For groups of 10-20 people, the price per person is 123KM.
For groups of 20 or more people, the price per person 113KM.
For groups of 30 or more, special benefits are granted.

Price includes:
Hotel *** full board
Daily ski lift ticket
Live music for 4 hours
Program manager
Price does not include:
Rental of ski equipment, snowmobiles, ski instructors, etc.
Use of excessive consumption of food and drink